The Humanitus Foundations philosophy is:

  • to believe in and support the rights and dignity of all people.
  • to respect differences in people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, sexual orientation, political background, education standard or health status.
  • to promote empowerment and worth among the disadvantaged.
  • to prioritise the needs of people with limited access to basic education and health resouces.
  • to acknowledge that all people are capable of learning.
  • to recognise that education is not limited to in-house schooling.
  • to value the importance of indigenous education.
  • to acknowledge that education should respond to cross-cultural diversity.
  • to develop partnerships with interested parties.

Our objectives are:

  • to disseminate relevant educational material to teachers, parents, children, disadvantaged groups and individuals, and other interested parties.
  • to identify and train members of local communities to continue our work on an ongoing basis.
  • to promote a two-way flow of information between active partners and interested parties.
  • to contribute material to other interested parties.
  • to strengthen regional and national education, health and other resources.
  • to initiate on-the-ground grass roots seminars to share experiences and improve project practices.
  • to promote the development of appropriate training courses for education practitioners.
  • to support peer outreach.
  • to establish and encourage school-based programs.
  • to establish and encourage programs for out-of-school youths.

Issues of appropriate education and related subjects are many and varied. Humanitus is continually reviewing issues and amending or adding to programs as required.

Humanitus takes into account the views of local communities, community based organisations, governments, non-government organisations and other interested groups when evaluating issues. As such, we appreciate feedback on our methodology, selection, implementation and evaluation of issues covered in this website.