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he Humanitus Foundation would not exist today if it were not for a team of professional and dedicated humanitarians working selflessly in a concerted effort to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate in developing nations.

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Jeffrey Richards Executive Director

Jeffrey Richards

Jeffrey is a co-founder of the Humanitus Foundation.  He has over thirty years experience in managing and overseeing a diverse range of corporations, businesses and projects in New Zealand, Australia, East Africa, Great Britain and SE Asia.

Jeffrey is a management specialist and his areas of expertise include business and transport logistics, national and international project management and management consultancy. He has worked extensively alongside Government Ministries, NGO's and CBO's in East Africa and SE Asia and currently works in an advisory capacity to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund. In 2011 Jeffrey was awarded the Gold Decoration for National Construction in recognition for his substantial services to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Christopher Cölle IT Director - Retired

Christopher Cölle

Christopher is a co-founder of the Humanitus Foundation. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science (Internet Technology and Software Engineering) from Monash University and brings to Humanitus some 10 years of IT experience.


Christopher is currently based in Frankfurt working as an independent IT consultant to the finance and advertising industries. Christopher maintains the Humanitus main frame computer server in Frankfurt and in consultation with Jeffrey Richards assists with the regular maintenance, updating and future upgrading of the Humanitus website.

Sally Cordner Projects Director

Sally Cordner

Sally joined Humanitus in 2006. She has a Diploma in Teaching, majoring in early childhood learning. Sally has worked extensively for the past 30 years in independent school systems in Australia and the Middle East. She has held a variety of leadership positions including Director of Early Learning at Geelong Grammar School and Head of Junior Primary at Melbourne Grammar School. Sally recently retired from full time work in education which has allowed her to become more closely involved in current projects  as well as facilitating links between Melbourne School students and students at Humanitus schools in Cambodia. She is particularly interested in the benefits of health programs and how they enhance the learning ability of the students partaking in these programs. She believes a healthy child will display more enthusiasm for learning and it is the core of physical and mental well being.  Sally has recently started a tutoring business on the Bellarine Peninsular and remains well informed in regards to children's academic, social and emotional learning.

Angus A SE Asia Director - Retired

Angus Carnegie

Angus joined Humanitus in 2004. Angus has had a long and distinguished career in finance, stock broking, international business consulting and national / international franchising.

Angus and his wife Celine have travelled extensively throughout the world and SE Asia in particular.

Since 2004, as Director - SE Asia operations, Angus has worked on various projects in the region. Currently his focus is on the Humanitus schools and orphanage projects in Indonesia and Cambodia and the Sidoarjo mud volcano disaster in East Java through the Humanitus Sidoarjo Fund.

Simon 1 Education & Learning Director

Simon Cowell

Simon joined Humanitus in 2008. He has a Bachelor Degree in Community Development, Bachelor of Education (Primary and Secondary) and is currently undergoing studies for a Masters Degree (Student Wellbeing).

Simon has gained extensive knowledge through his experiences working on community projects in Bangladesh involving schools, orphanages and micro-financing programs. His career path has enabled him to spend two years teaching in the UK before returning to Melbourne to take over the role of Head of Humanities and Social Service Coordinator at Melbourne Grammar School.

Celine 1 Consultant - Retired

Celine Carnegie

Celine's involvement with Humanitus began in 2004. Celine's initial career path was in the banking industry and throughout the 1980?s and early 1990's she held key management positions with some of Australia's leading banks. Celine is a published author and DVD producer. Celine's key interests and passion are in food nutrition and hygiene, with a specific focus on SE Asia. Celine, along with her husband Angus has travelled extensively throughout SE Asia and she continues to assist Humanitus in the development of food nutrition, hygiene and sanitation programs.

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