Humanitus Directors Visit to Cambodia

Humanitus Directors, Angus Carnegie and Jeffrey Richards will travel to Cambodia on July 16th 2011 to visit the schools and orphanage that Humanitus assist. Angus and Jeffrey will be accompanied by volunteers, Ryan Rodrigues and River Okeefe.

The Humanitus team will be attending the official opening of Piseth Luon's Bright Children Organisation, Mkak Primary School, Siem Reap Province. Humanitus personally invited Her Majesty's British Ambassador to Cambodia, Andrew Mace. Unfortunately Ambassador Mace was unable to attend although he did send a very courteous response which was warmly received. A copy of the British Ambassadors letter can be downloaded here. Humanitus will be sending a full brief to the Ambassador on our return from Cambodia.

During our trip we will also be delivering supplies and dispersing funds to the Pichey Rangsey School, SCC School and SFODA Orphanage in Phnom Penh.

During our visits to each of the schools we will be able to see firsthand the difference we have made to the lives of the children through funds donated by our supporters and Directors of Humanitus. Our schedule is as follows and you can view photographs by clicking on the dates below.

  • 17 July - Phnom Penh - Visit SFODA Orphanage to deliver food, vitamins, sports equipment and resources. Distribute funds and debrief with the head of the orphanage, Moninarom Ouk and plan the boat excursion for the children on the following Saturday.
  • 18 July - Phnom Penh - Visit Salvation Centre School to deliver food, vitamins and sports equipments. Distribute funds to founder of SCC Thoeun Prum.
  • 19 July - Phnom Penh - Visit Denzel Spragues Pichey Rangsey School. Deliver sports equipment and disburse funds to Denzel. Receive update on health care program which Humanitus contributed $3000 towards in December 2010.  
  • 20 July - Travel to Siem Reap to meet with founder of Bright Children Organisation, Piseth Luon. Debrief on following days events for the official opening ceremony, progress of additional 3 toilets being built through Humanitus funds and discuss further the possibility of building volunteer quarters.
  • 21 July - Siem Reap Province - Attend official opening of Piseths school in Makak Village, Kok Thlok Commune, Chikraeng District, Siem Reap Province.
  • 23 July - Phnom Penh - Join Moninarom and the children from SFODA Orphanage for a leisurely, fun filled 'Humanitus' lunch cruise on the Mekong River.
  • 25 July - Phnom Penh - Farewell visit to SFODA Orphanage to distribute bags of rice and some resources.

Throughout the visits to the schools we will be writing needs assessment reports on all of the schools, and assessing the difference the contributions from Humanitus supporters and board members have made over the past three years. We look forward to updating our supporters in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Ireland as well as our fellow Directors in Germany and Australia.

Following close in our steps will be Christine Gilliand of Xavier College. In addition to be a well respected member of the Xavier staff Christine also heads the Victorian Network of Primary Years Programme (PYP), who are generous supporters of Humanitus. Christine will visit Denzel Spragues, Pichey Rangsey School and SFODA Orphanage while in Phnom Penh. Staff and Year 3 students at Xavier College have been busy fundraising and collecting resources for Christine to deliver while in Cambodia. Included in the resources Christine will deliver to Pichey Rangsey School are educational books, games, posters and stationery. We look forward to sharing Christines report on her visit with everyone.

We will be uploading photos and information on a daily basis (where possible with very slow internet connections) so please stay tuned and follow us on our journey back to Cambodia.

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