SFODA Orphanage Impacted by Cambodia Floods


SFODA Orphanage are facing yet another challenge in their day to day struggle to provide accommodation for 52 Cambodian orphans.

Advice was received yesterday (Sept 29) that the Tonle Sap (tributary of Mekong River in Phnom Penh) had risen dramatically. As a consequence of this SFODA Orphanage has been flooded. Fortunately there is a mezzanine floor where the children can be safe. The main sleeping area, classroom, library, toilets, showers, cooking and eating area are all under water. They are unable to travel to school, go to the markets or the hospital.

The long term health impact on the children will likely be an issue of great concern in the coming weeks. Humanitus have used operating funds' and a board member donation' to make a significant contribution to assist them through this most difficult and challenging time.

We do not have further information at this stage regarding the weather forecast though we are told the flooding may get worse before the river starts to recede. It is possible alternative accommodation may have to be found.

If you are considering buying one of the childrens paintings that are for sale on the website now is certainly the time. Alternatively you may like to assist us in helping them by making a small contribution through this website in the 'How Can I Help' section.

If there is any way whatsoever you feel you can help please contact us.

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