Humanitus Flood Relief for SFODA Orphanage

Sfoda Flood

Humanitus flood relief for SFODA Orphanage arrived this week. As you can see by the photograph the overflowing Tonle Sap river has had a aserious effect on SFODA.

The children are having to travel to school by boat every day at a cost of $42 per day which is quickly eating away at the emergency funds Humanitus has sent. Access to fresh produce and markets has been difficult and instant food products such as noodles, rice etc have been purchased. Essentials medicines needed to be purchased  for treating outbreaks of dysentry, colds and skin conditions. Anti snake venom serum also needed to be at hand. Humanitus are fortunate to be in a position to offer assistance at this difficult time through emergency funds set aside for situations like this. SFODA operates on a limited budget and relies heavily on the generosity of others.

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