New report 'Off the Rails - AusAID and the Troubled Cambodian Railways Project

A new report released by AID/WATCH, has revealed that an AusAID supported railway rehabilitation project in Cambodia has led to the displacement of hundreds of people and prompted the near shut-down of civil society.

AusAID has contributed more than 20 million dollars to the project in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Cambodia. AID/WATCH have been monitoring this project since 2009 over concerns around aid money funding a defacto privatisation project for the benefit of an Australian private company (Toll Holdings).

The report details how NGOs that have tried to advocate on behalf of those communities have been issued with formal warnings from the Cambodian Government and even shut down.

Get the full report here:

'Off the rails - AusAID and the troubled Cambodian railways project.pdf 636.73KB

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