Mkak - Footscray Primary School becomes 'Sister School'


In August 2012 Piseth Luon and Jeffrey Richards were invited to visit Footscray Primary School by the Principal, Mr Philip Fox.

We are pleased that Footscray Primary School, in Melbourne, has decided to form a strategic sister school alliance with the Mkak Primary School in Cambodia.

"Piseth and Jeffrey visited our school on Friday 24th August and Piseth spoke to our Year 3 - 6 children about growing up in his village. His story is not dissimilar to the stories of some of our children here at Footscray Primary School. I would like as a school to take this on as a sister school project and as a PYP School take action for us to work together to support the improvement of education opportunities in this remote Cambodian village" said Philip.

At Footscray Primary School, our central purpose is "Learning for Living". Our IB Primary Years Program is central to building cultural respect and understanding. This is a multi-layered curriculum which develops knowledge, skills and intercultural understandings, and also fosters important attitudes and approaches to learning for the twenty-first century.

We offer a host of dynamic programs including play-based learning in Prep, African drumming and our Vietnamese bilingual immersion program.

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