Pichey Rangsey - Denzils report on medical treatment for Grade 4 student

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Another health incident arose recently with a happy ending. Here is Denzil's report ...

I noticed a Grade 4 boy had what appeared to be a fungal condition on his legs and elbows. His fellow students said they had collected money for him last year with no result. With his teacher, we took him to a local Doctor who, surprisingly, prescribed what I considered to be correct medicine - antifungal cream, penicillin etc. His high school sister was also infected so we had medicine for both of them - all for $10. I looked at him one week later and the result was amazing. See the before and after photos!

His parents and grandmother who cared for him recently died so as an orphan he cooks for himself and his sister before his aunt comes home late from working in a garment factory.

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