Lontung - Letter from Angus Carnegie for August Fundraiser


Greetings from North Sumatra, Indonesia. Celine and I, on behalf of the schools Humanitus has assisted here would like to thank you all for your continued generous support. Every dollar that you have been able to contribute has been incredibly valuable to the underprivileged chidren here and in Cambodia.

One example of this is the Lontung School here in Sumatra. When we first visited the school it was extremely run down and a very depressing place - no electricity or running water, peeling paint, broken furniture and no windows.

With a limited budget we were able to arrange for electricity and all the lights and fixtures to be installed and the school buildings completely sanded back and painted. To save money Celine and I, and all the teachers at the school, provided the labor during the school holidays. We were also able to provide a laptop computer, posters and maps for the walls plus various stationery and sporting supplies.

The change has been incredible. There is clearly a new sense of pride in the school from both the teachers and students and we were told recently by the headmaster that this has even translated into a significant improvement in student grades.

We are currently organising guttering and a rainwater tank for the school and have been asked to pass on the personal thanks of the headmaster, Mardi, for all of your help.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jeffrey and my fellow board members at Humanitus for their selfless hard work in making a difference to the lives of so many underprivileged children in Indonesia and Cambodia.

I know that Piseth is at the fundraiser tonight and I also want to say what an inspiration he is with the great work he has done through his Bright Children Organisation in his native Cambodia. I am very proud that Humanitus has been able to make significant contributions to his work there.

The world would definitely be a better place with more Jeffrey's and Piseth's!!

Enjoy your evening and thanks again.

Angus Carnegie

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